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    We Provide Sales Training, Customer Service and Client Retention Coaching

    We Develop Policies and Programs for Sales, Customer Service and Client Retention

    For most businesses customer retention should be above 80%.  With this kind of retention your marketing expenses are reduced and your business moves forward.  As well, the word of mouth is likely to be positive and create positive impressions, especially considering the fact that a customer will tell on average 5 of his or her friends or acquaintances about your business, your business will grow.

    If you are failing to reach these retention numbers then few things may be setting it off course; for example, your customer service may be poor and not as satisfactory as the customer wishes it to be or your product or service may be not providing the benefit your customer was expecting.  Thus your marketing expenses are sky rocketing, you losing customers and on top of it an average unsatisfied customer will tell on average 12 people about their negative experience which will increase the need for marketing efforts even more.

    And that’s were we come in, Dukats Inc will evaluate the reason why your retention is low and develop programs and processes that can be applied in improving your customer retention numbers.  If customer service needs improvement, we will help you establish an outstanding customer support and customer service and show you how to deal with difficult situations in a positive, constructive manner.   If the product or service expectations are the ones affective your retention rates, we will help you define your product or service in a fashion congruent to expectations and recommend improvements should any apply.

    We also provide sales training for sales people; on average door-to-door sales a regular sales person should produce at least 10% of sales, which makes it one in ten (considering a regular product that everyone moderately needs or wants).  A great sales person can generate over 80% success rate  (there are assumptions of course based on your product, service, your business reputation and more).   We will train your sales people to achieve high sales numbers in your industry.

    We Provide IT Consulting & Management Services

    If your business needs to increase efficiency, generates too much paper work, or simply needs to improve workflow, then let us know.  We will evaluate your business operations and your needs and will help you establish a proper infrastructure and software applications that will help your business clear up the papers, increase efficiency and improve communication and workflow.

    We Design Websites

    We will post our portfolio shortly, meanwhile, check out our testimonials below and feel free to contact us should you be interested  in upgrading your existing website or designing a new one.

    Should you require any of the above services, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.